Major repairs & cyclical works advice

You can find details of our major repairs schedule by contacting our Asset Management & Investment team on 01349 852978. If we wish to carry out any major repairs or cyclical works on your property we will contact you in advance.

These are necessary work to maintain the standard of the property to ensure that the property meets the current Government quality standards and we appreciate your assistance in ensuring that these works are completed successfully.

What to do if we contact you

If you are contacted regarding major repair or cyclical works, please reply promptly. We will supply you with a self-addressed, postage paid envelope in order for you to do so. On some occasions the funding for these works are dependent on the level of uptake and therefore it is very important that we hear from all our tenants in the area where the work is to be carried out.

If we don't get a reply from you, a member of our team and or our contractor will visit your property to discuss the works with you. You can also request a visit if you would like more information or if you are unable to attend public meetings due to ill health or disability.

Before the works start

Before the works start we would ask that you follow the instructions that are given to you by either a member of the Albyn team or by the contractors. This may include clearing your loft or emptying your kitchen, if you are having difficulty with this please contact your local Albyn Customer Services team as there may be something we can do to assist.

If you live in the North (areas north of, but not including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number: 0300 323 0990

If you live in the South (areas south of, and including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number:0300 323 0991

After the work is completed

The funding for major repairs is often provided by outside funding bodies and naturally these bodies will wish to assess that the works have been carried out to the standards expected. When a major repair is completed the funders may wish to gain access to a percentage of the properties where the work has been done. In this event a member of the Albyn team will contact a number of houses requesting access. Our funders will never visit your property unannounced and will always provide identification which you can verify by calling your local Albyn Customer Services team, contact information as above.

Cyclical works will be inspected by a member of the Albyn team. They may wish to speak to you regarding the standard of the work done in order to ensure that the work is satisfactory.

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