Gritting and Snow Clearing

Given the severity of recent winters, we feel that it is important that our tenants are made aware of how gritting and snow clearing is managed within our estates.

Where we grit and clear snow

Unfortunately, gritting and snow clearing is an expensive business and we are unable to provide this service throughout every estate due to budgetary restraints. Wherever possible, we have had our roads adopted by the Highland Council so they provide this service for you. 

snow shovel 1Of those estates which have un-adopted roads, we try to prioritise those which have a majority of elderly or disabled people for gritting and snow clearing, otherwise we provide grit bins and grit for our tenant’s use.


If you are uncertain whether your street is adopted, or if we clear it for you, you will find helpful information in your tenants pack and in your service agreement. Further information is available from your local Customer Services team.

If you live in the North (areas north of, but not including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number: 0300 323 0990

If you live in the South (areas south of, and including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number:0300 323 0991

How to clear snow and grit paths safely

Don’t be put off clearing snow or gritting paths.  Government advice states that you are highly unlikely to be sued or held legally responsible should someone fall on an area you have cleared as long as you have cleared it in an effective manner. If you clear snow and grit pathways effectively you will be doing a service to your community.

Follow these simple tips to make this an easy and quick job.

  • Clear snow and ice early in the day. Less compact snow is easier to move.
  • Use salt – not water. Pathways become dangerous if they are allowed to refreeze. Remember to use extra on steps or where it is steep.
  • Use sand or ash to provide grip. Remember to use extra on steps or where it is steep.
  • Avoid piling snow over drains to prevent flooding when it melts.
  • Pile snow away from driveways and turning points to allow free access for vehicles.
  • Let us know if grit bins are empty or damaged.

Remember to check on less able and vulnerable neighbours as they may need assistance to clear their paths and driveways.


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