Frost Precautions

In light of the severe winters of the last few years, we feel that it is important to offer some basic advice to assist our tenants to deal with the effects of hard and/or prolonged frosts on your home.

Please note that we are not responsible if frost causes a burst pipe or tank.

Keep your home warm

In order to avoid burst pipes, try to keep your home warm day and night. If any area of your home does not have heating, for example rooms without heaters, leave doors open to allow heat to circulate.

Check attic spaces

Due to the increase in insulation, attic spaces are often much colder than the rest of your home. We advise that you check your attic spaces at the beginning of each winter to ensure that the insulation on pipes and tanks hasn’t been accidently moved, and that it is still in good repair. This is especially important if you have water and/or storage tanks in your attic space.

Going on holiday?

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time during the winter months we may need to drain the cold water system on your behalf to prevent burst pipes, for which you would need to sign a ‘recharge form’. The estimated cost of this service to drain down the system and to resupply is around £150 + VAT. If you prefer, you can arrange for a reputable plumber to carry out the work for you.

In case of any emergencies, we would also advise that you leave a house key with a neighbour, friend or family member should you be away and inform the police and ourselves.

If you live in the North (areas north of, but not including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number: 0300 323 0990

If you live in the South (areas south of, and including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number:0300 323 0991

What to do if a pipe or tank bursts

If the worst happens and a pipe bursts please follow these simple Do's and Don’ts to reduce damage.


  • Turn off the water supply. The tap is usually under the sink.
  • Switch off the electricity at the mains, as well as the water heater.
  • Switch off the central heating systems. If you have a solid fuel fire, close down the damper and let the fire out.
  • Use a bucket or basin to catch any water leaking from the burst.
  • Open all taps to the sink and bath. If possible collect the water in the bath for flushing the WC and washing.
  • Call your local Customer Services team at Albyn to report the emergency (contact information as above).


  • Ignore a minor water leak. A small leak may be ok overnight but if left for several days could cause major damage within your home.
  • Drain the water system until solid fuel fires are completely out.

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