New Heating for Fort Augustus tenants

Friday 30 March 2012

Our tenants in Fort Augustus have kept warm this winter following the installation of woodburning stoves into their properties.

In a bid to support tenants in rural areas, we have installed woodburning stoves into five rented properties at Jenkins Park in Fort Augustus. 

These properties had previously struggled with high heating bills and the pilot scheme is part of our commitment to improve energy efficiency in our homes across the Highlands.

Calum Macaulay, our Chief Executive, said:  “We have an ongoing programme of improving the energy efficiency in our properties and remain committed to addressing fuel poverty whilst tackling climate change. However, it remains a challenge to improve efficiencies against a backdrop of reduced funding.   We are committed to working with our tenants to ensure they manage their heating efficiently and minimise costs.  This pilot scheme to introduce woodburning stoves into these properties has been very successful and we are delighted to receive such positive feedback.”

Norman MacDonald who lives at Jenkins Park with his wife Lorraine, said:  “We could not be more delighted with our new woodburning stove.   It warms not only the living room, but the whole house and has made a tremendous difference to our heating bills.  We are very grateful to Albyn Housing Society for this fantastic addition to our home.”

In a bid to support the local economy, we purchased the stoves from local firm Northern Fires and Stoves, who also undertook the installation.

We have over 2,700 properties for rent and low cost ownership around the Highlands, and are moving towards achieving the Scottish Housing Quality Standards by 2015.  As part of this our energy efficiency team is currently exploring options for other pilot schemes for energy efficiency upgrades within our housing stock.

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