Plots for Sale

Tuesday 12 November 2013

PLOTS FOR SALE *´╗┐Recent Price Change*

Barclay Road, Aviemore (2 x Self Build Plots)

The following  services are on site:

Water & Sewer connections Pipe work to connect to

Biomass District  Heating Plant

Plot 62 (0.0946 acres) valued at £80,000

Plot 62 Barclay Road Aviemore

Plot 63 (0.0752 acres) values at £75,000

Plot 63 Barclay Road Aviemore

Site Plan   Barclay Road Aviemore

Site Plan location of plots   Barclay Road Aviemore

For further  information,  please contact Fiona Ferguson on 01349 855 785 or

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