Strategy for Involving Customers


This strategy had been written jointly by our tenants and staff.  It is built on the successes of our last strategy and aims to help us provide the best service possible.
It covers:
• involving tenants;
• customer service; and
• equality

It also takes account of all the laws and good practice that are linked to these areas.


The aims of this strategy are to make sure that:

• all aspects of our everyday business are built around meeting our customers’ needs;

• we provide the highest standards of service possible with the resources available to us;

• everybody can have a say about what we do; and

• we are accountable to people who use our services.


We will meet these aims by setting standards that we have to meet.  These standards are as follows.

• We will routinely identify our customers’ needs and provide services that meet those needs.

• We will regularly ask you for your views on our services.

• We will listen to your feedback, pass it on to the right people, and take it into account when we make decisions.

• We will make it easy for you to give us your comments and complaints.

• We will give you the information and advice you need, when you need it.

• Our staff will be polite and treat you with respect. (We expect the same from you.)

• We will keep to all relevant laws and follow best practices that are relevant to our services.

How to get involved

We have developed a number of ways for you to be involved.  These include the following:

• Joining tenant or resident groups    • Joining registered tenant organisations
• Training
• Attending meetings
• Registering an interest in a particular issue
• Area forums
• What's New, What's Next bulletins
• Questionnaires
• Local tenant contacts
• Tenant conferences
• Joint events
• Feedback
• Resident satisfaction surveys
• Informal consultation
• Targeted satisfaction surveys
• Information leaflets

These methods are explained in more detail in the full strategy document. 

A list of existing groups can be found here


We will make sure that you are given enough time to get involved in any consultations. We will give you:

• eight weeks to respond to any consultations on changes we are proposing to policies and services that affect all residents; and
• four weeks to respond to consultations on local concerns.


We will make sure that we take your views into account and we will give you details of the feedback we receive on how we have done this.  We will provide this information:

• in our You Said, We Did bulletins;
• in our newsletter;
• on our website;
• in letters to tenants; and
• in annual reports.

Providing good advice and information

We will give you advice and information so that you understand your housing rights, responsibilities and options. 

Resources and support

We will provide the following resources and support:

• Start-up grants and annual grants for groups
• Training and conferences
• Meeting venues
• Consultations
• Access to IT equipment where appropriate
• Travel expenses
• Staff time
• Membership, registration and consultancy fees
• Help to set up groups
• Publicity for groups’ events and successes
• Help with producing financial accounts


We will make sure that customers, committee members and staff have the knowledge, skills and resources they need to allow them to get involved.


We will do as much as possible to make sure that anyone who wants to can become involved in what we do, and that all customers have the same access to our services.

If you would like a copy of the Strategy then please contact our Communities team on 01349 855976, or email

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