TPAS Landlord Accreditation

TPAS Accreditation

Albyn Housing Society became accredited by the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) in March 2011, concluding an in depth assessment of our tenant participation strategy.  During the assessment, TPAS met with and facilitated focus groups with residents and staff of Albyn Housing Society and were impressed with the feedback received.

TPAS made the following comments:

“TPAS accreditation is awarded to landlords that demonstrate a first class approach to involving and working in partnership with tenants and residents.  It is a thorough assessment of how effectively landlords are communicating with, listening to and responding to their customers’ comments.  In meeting the competencies of TPAS accreditation, Albyn Housing Society has demonstrated a commitment to the principles of resident participation that other landlords around the country can learn from.”

As a TPAS accredited landlord, Albyn has received a glass display award and will be entitled to display the ‘TPAS Accredited’ logo on our letterheads and stationary for 3 years.  Achieving the accreditation award provides recognition for the hard work carried out by our tenant representatives and staff and we would like to thank all those that took part.

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