Our Standards

Customer Service Charter


We believe that our customers are central to our business.

Our customers are people who live in our homes or neighbourhoods or who have applied to live in them.

Our aims

Our main aims are to make sure that:

• all aspects of our everyday business are built around meeting our customers’ needs;

• we provide the highest standards of service possible with the resources available to us;

• everybody can have a say about what we do; and

• we are accountable to people who use our services.

Our standards

We will meet these aims by achieving the following standards:

• We will routinely identify our customers’ needs, and provide services that meet those needs.

• We will regularly ask you for your views on our services. 

• We will make it easy for you to give us your comments and complaints. 

• We will listen to your feedback, pass it on to the right people, and take it into account when we make decisions.

• Our staff will be polite and treat you with respect. (We expect the same from you.)

 • We will keep to all laws and best practices that are relevant to our services.

Our approach and method

We will develop policies and procedures that meet the aims and standards set out above.

We will develop an action plan and service promises to make sure we meet our aims and standards.

We will make sure that all our staff and committee members know their obligations, take responsibility for meeting them, and have the training and resources they need to do so.

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